Sunday, June 03, 2007

September 25th. Finish the Fight.

Halo 3 comes out in September. I'll probably disappear for a couple weeks around then.


Sloth said...

finally some new stuff from you! GJ man, is it gonna be another x-box exclusive?

and what are you up to man, i hear you're at atomic, hows that working out for you

Sean said...

Halo is exclusively for the X-Box. It is the one and only reason I would ever buy an X-Box 360 (and maybe for Gears of War).

Atomic is fun dude. They have me designing stuff on the new show. I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it though. It's still kinda hush hush.

How's Bardel dude? You still working on Chaotic?

Akali_Singh said...

lets hope they bring back halo1 pistol

its wkd u guys are worky now :)

Skid said...

Don't become a nerd-hobo.